May 18, 2015

Christian Terrorist Awaiting Sentencing

FBI Police charger
FBI Police charger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Most U.S. Christians are not terrorists. Not even most Christian extremists are terrorists. But again and again, it seems that those few who actually deserve the "terrorist" label rarely receive it because of Christian privilege.

Michael Stone (Progressive Secular Humanist) brings us the strange tale of a Christian terrorist and former candidate for Congress in Tennessee who recently acknowledged that he is guilty of "plotting the annihilation of a Muslim village in New York" and is now facing up to five years in prison. Robert Rankin Doggart is now out on bond awaiting sentencing after he entered a plea agreement acknowledging guilt for interstate communication of threats.

According to Stone,
There seems to be a distinct double standard in the federal court’s treatment of Doggart, a Christian terrorist, and what would happen to a similarly situated Muslim terrorist. It is hard to imagine that a Muslim terrorist would be released on bond after admitting to planning a terrorist attack on a community, with plans to burn down a church, a school, and other inhabited buildings, while gunning down anyone from the community who tried to stop them.
I agree. It is difficult to believe that Doggart was allowed to bond out given the evidence against him. I think we'd expect a very different result in an identical case involving a Muslim terrorist. More evidence of Christian privilege I suppose.

To that point, Zaid Jilani (AlterNet) noted that the FBI took an unusual step of opting not to publicize this case as they often do or to bring charges of terrorism against Doggart. It is very difficult to imagine them doing this if he had been Muslim.

Doggart ran for Congress in Tennessee's 4th District last year.

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