Christian Pastor Says LGBT Persons Deserve Death

According to WGXA News (update: link no longer active), a Christian pastor in Milledgeville, GA, has placed a sign outside his church that reads, "Homosexuality is A Death Worthy Crime!" and references Leviticus 20:13. They note that Pastor Robert Lee of the Ten Commandments Church does not see anything wrong with his sign and has a history of posting provocative signs in front of his church.

They quote Pastor Lee as saying:
The institution of marriage was instituted by God and it should not be changed by people who deserve not to live.
Clearly, Pastor Lee believes that LGBT persons deserve to die, and he bases this belief on his bible.

The times may be changing with regard to same-sex marriage and bigotry toward LGBT persons, but plenty of hate remains. Not surprisingly, most of this hate seems to be coming from evangelical fundamentalist Christians.

As I have said previously, I believe that it may be worthwhile to spread the word about incidents like this in order to document the record of Christian hate that some are already trying to deny. Same-sex marriage will soon be legal throughout the United States, and public attitudes will continue to shift so that anti-LGBT bigotry is increasingly unacceptable. There will be plenty of incentive for Christians to revise history to make themselves look far more tolerant than they were. An accurate record may be helpful.

H/T to The New Civil Rights Movement