A Concise Summary of the Josh Duggar Debacle

Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium (6204837462)Let me see if I've got this right. Someone I've never heard of, Josh Duggar, who is part of a reality TV show I've never heard of ("19 Kids and Counting") and the Executive Director of the Family Research Council's FRC Action is in the news because reports have surfaced that he admitted to molesting several girls, most of whom were his sisters, when he was 14. This admission happened several years ago but was concealed. His family and church were aware of what he had done but decided not to do anything about it. When police were finally informed in 2006, they launched an investigation before realizing that the statute of limitations had expired. And while his TV show has been pulled from the air, he faces no criminal punishment and has a U.S. presidential candidate defending him.

While I've never heard of Duggar or his show, I have certainly heard of the Christian extremist hate group he worked for. Will they join Mike Huckabee in defending him, or will they cut ties? Should be interesting. Update: CNN is reporting that Duggar has resigned his position with the Family Research Council.

It seems to me that Duggar's family and church opted to protect him instead of his victims. If the reports are accurate, they knew what he was up to and opted to do nothing to prevent him from continuing to perpetrate. This is enough to make the Catholic church proud! And when they learned that Josh had continued to perpetrate, increasing his tally of victims after they first learned about it, they still kept it to themselves until after it would no longer be possible for the law to punish him for it.

As for presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee, coming to Josh's defense, here's hoping that this marks the end of his campaign.