March 15, 2015

The Sunday Post

English: "Guilt". Oil on board.
"Guilt". Oil on board. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Several years ago, I unintentionally started what would become an enduring tradition here at Atheist Revolution. Every Sunday morning right around the time all my neighbors could be seen leaving for church, I would sit down at my desktop computer to write a post. It was not something I planned. In fact, it was not something I even realized I was doing initially. It just sort of happened that way.

Over time, I came to appreciate what I was doing, and I sought to cultivate it as an intentional act. It became something akin to meditation, or at least one of increased mindfulness. I made a point to have the blinds open so I could feel the sunlight streaming in and so I could observe my uncomfortably dressed neighbors piling into their cars around the same time. I thought about what they were doing and why as I wrote about the problems of faith and/or sought promote atheism, critical thinking, skepticism, or freethought.

As this ritual became more deliberate, it would come to include another important aspect in that it would serve as a time of guilt-free writing for me. I often feel like I am spending time writing blog posts instead of doing other things which I should probably be doing. And so, I often feel guilty about the time I spend writing blog posts. But not on Sunday mornings. I would allow myself no guilt on Sunday mornings. If my neighbors got to waste their mornings in church guilt-free, I certainly deserved to spend the same time doing something more meaningful to me. And if that involved atheist blogging, so be it.

A few days ago, it occurred to me that I have somehow gotten away from this tradition. There have been several recent Sundays where I haven't written anything. There have been several more where I have written something but not with any sort of mindful appreciation of my previous ritual. Starting with this post, which was written this morning, I think I am going to make an effort to rediscover this Sunday routine. As I think about it now, I find that I miss it a bit.