Stop Christian Radio Station From Using Public School Children to Proselytize

Before you spend the day enjoying the Super Bowl (or not), here's a quick opportunity for you to help some parents with children attending a public elementary school in Texas who find themselves in an odd situation.

Hemant Mehta (Friendly Atheist) brings us news of a worthwhile petition aimed at stopping the practice of allowing a Christian radio station in Houston, TX, to use students at a public elementary school to promote their religious agenda while proselytizing. Evidently, 89.3 KSBJ has been recording and photographing children reciting the pledge of allegiance in their classrooms and then distributing certificates to those who show their "patriotism."

According to the petition, the content is then packaged with the station's "God Listens" logo along with its explicitly Christian programming. The petition notes:
This is blatant discrimination against Non-Christians and forces them to opt out, thus causing a young child to feel excluded from their peers, and often times rejected for their religious affiliations.
Hemant notes that both the Freedom From Religion Foundation and American Humanist Association have sent letters of complaint to the school district. They do not appear to have had much of an impact yet, but perhaps the petition will help push the district in the right direction.

The petition, once filled with signatures, will go to Ms. April Maldonado, Principal of Eagle Springs Elementary School and Dr. Guy Sconzo, Superintendent of the Humble Independent School District. I hope you'll join me in letting them hear from you.