October 21, 2014

A Blogging Revival

Gothic revival church of St John the Baptist (...
Gothic revival church of St John the Baptist (1894 – 96) in Dohalice, Hradec Králové District, Czech Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The evangelical fundamentalist Christians in the part of the U.S. where I live have something called revival. I cannot pretend to understand all it entails, but it appears to be a brief period of increased church-related activity intended to restore and refresh one's faith and commitment to one's church. Yes, the sort of tent revivals you have seen in the movies do still take place, but many of the local Southern Baptist churches simply schedule more frequent services, sometimes meeting daily during their revivals. As if going to church once a week wasn't bad enough!

I was thinking about a different sort of revival the other day, one related to blogging. Anybody who has been writing a blog for more than a couple years will inevitably have a vast collection of old posts containing some that will never have been seen by the blogger's current audience. The longer the blogger has been at it, the more of these posts will be out there. The question of what - if anything - to do with these old posts is something I've never been clear on. Perhaps they could be dusted off, disseminated to an audience who hadn't seen them before, and used to revive the blog (and the blogger) in some meaningful ways.

When I have a few spare minutes but do not feel inspired to write something new, I have started digging through the massive back-catalog of posts to uncover those that are still relevant. I started doing this almost a year ago, and I've barely scratched the surface. I've been fixing broken links, doing some minor editing as necessary, and sending some of the old posts out on social media. Many are old enough that I never distributed them on my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Google+) in the first place because I was not using them yet.

The interesting thing about this process is that I've found some old posts that have inspired me to want to write more about long-forgotten subjects. I've also found some that I am surprised to have written because I disagree with a fair amount of what they say today. Given that I wrote some of them back in 2005 or 2006, I suppose that is to be expected. In any case, going back through some of the oldies has been enjoyable and has made me think about my current writing in some unexpected ways.