May 24, 2014

Global Secular Council Launches

Abstract Colorful Universe Wallpaper - TTdesign
Abstract Colorful Universe - TTdesign (Photo credit: tomt6788)
Think tanks play a valuable role in modern politics. It seems like the growing secular community might benefit from having more organizations serving working as think tanks. And now we've got a new one.

A new resource center, the Global Secular Council (GSC), launched a few days ago and is likely to be making news in the atheist community. According to Lauren Anderson Youngblood, the group's Director of Communications, they will be "focused primarily on compiling fresh ideas, data, and research helpful to the secular community." Sounds good to me!

The GSC launches with 30 council members, including many names you will recognize, and I imagine more will be added over time. How the GSC will fit into the landscape of other secular organizations (e.g., the Center for Inquiry) remains to be seen. I imagine similarities and differences will take some time to emerge, as they carve out their role.

From the GSC's mission statement:
We are committed to promoting objective reason and science as the most reliable methods for understanding the Universe and improving the human condition through better public policy.
That sounds like something we can get behind. I look forward to hearing more from the GSC.

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