April 18, 2014

Zombie Jesus Weekend is Finally Here

Zombie Jesus at Mama's Royal Cafe

You might think I'd have grown tired of the Zombie Jesus meme by now, but you'd be wrong. I continue to be fascinated with the zombie genre and the notion that someone who returns from the dead is, in fact, a zombie. I also continue to think that a belief system that is both irrational and destructive might have earned a bit of gentle mocking.

Today is Dead Jesus Day, and I enjoyed the day off work. Actually, I still worked but did so from home, and that beats the hell out of having to go to work. The day did kind of creep up on me this year. I've been so busy that I almost forgot that this is Zombie Jesus Weekend.

Things may be a bit quiet around here since I'll likely be out celebrating some of the more bizarre local festivities. So here's hoping that you and yours have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. And as always, be sure to escape the superstition with your brains intact!