April 25, 2014

Losing Unreasonable Faith

Hemant Karkare
Hemant Karkare (Photo credit: Koshyk)
It is difficult for me to imagine that any atheist blogger who keeps at it for a while won't have times when he or she gives serious consideration to hanging it up. I have been writing Atheist Revolution since 2005, and I have certainly had my share of doubts and frustrations, including a few near closures. Sure, some of this may be about the various crap that gets hurled in our direction but most of it is just due to the fact that blogging is work. No matter what benefits one derives from it, there are bound to be times when the benefits do not seem like enough of a reason to keep at it.

I just learned that we are losing one of the good ones. After roughly 6 years as a fixture in the atheist blogosphere, Unreasonable Faith is shutting down. Hemant Mehta provides a classy send off here, and he's absolutely right to suggest that much of what Daniel Florien described in his final post at Unreasonable Faith is relatable. Hemant is also spot on when he notes that Unreasonable Faith has been a source of many posts. I'd have to agree with that.

Unreasonable Faith really was one of the good ones, and the atheist blogosphere will be lessened by its departure. I wish Daniel and Vorjack the best in their future endeavors.