January 6, 2014

The Atheist Blogroll is Coming Back!

Black Atheist Symbol from OUT Campaign (The Sc...
Black Atheist Symbol from OUT Campaign (The Scarlet A) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mojoey (Deep Thoughts) announced yesterday that he is restarting the Atheist Blogroll project. For those of you who haven't been active in the atheist blogosphere for awhile, the Atheist Blogroll is just what it sounds like - a collection of practically every active atheist blog on the Internet. It has not been updated since January 2012 due to some technological issues I won't pretend to understand, but Mojoey now believes that new tools (also beyond what my feeble brain can grasp) will allow him to bring it back.

Mojoey is now in the process of removing dead or inactive blogs from the Atheist Blogroll, and he could use some help with this task. After all, he's starting with a list of over 1,500 blogs. If you've got some time and interest in giving the online atheist community a boost, please let him know.

If you write an atheist blog and would like to join the Atheist Blogroll, here is what you need to know.

I have found the Atheist Blogroll to be an extremely helpful way of discovering newly created atheist blogs, and I would probably not be aware of some of my current favorites without it. I am thrilled to hear it is coming back, and I thank Mojoey for his tireless work on behalf of the atheist blogosphere.