January 14, 2014

Revolutionary Atheist on Tumblr

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Tumblr Icon (Photo credit: chadarizona)
There are too many social networks out there for me to possibly keep up with all of them, and this is why I've been focusing my recent efforts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. I just don't have the time to keep up with much more than that. I use Facebook and Google+ primarily as ways to give people additional ways to follow and interact with content. That means that what I post here will end up on my Facebook and Google+ pages, and not much else finds its way there. That system seems to work reasonably well.

Twitter is a different sort of animal. While I do tweet my blog posts, I also use Twitter to interact with others and promote others' work I find interesting. For example, when I run across something interesting that I think others might enjoy, I often retweet it. This means that I tend to be more active on Twitter than I am on Facebook or Google+.

Lately, I've decided to throw one more platform into the mix: Tumblr. I've been using Tumblr sporadically since 2011, but I've recently started to use it a bit more consistently. Revolutionary Atheist, my Tumblr blog, has been much more active in the last couple of months, and I hope to continue this. Unlike Facebook and Google+, I have not been using Tumblr primarily to share posts from here. I do some of that, but mostly I use it to share links, photos, and videos that do not necessarily warrant being turned into full posts here. Going forward, I'm planning to write some more exclusive content for it. I'll likely keep whatever I write there brief by design, sticking with Atheist Revolution for the longer material.

You can find Revolutionary Atheist here.