December 29, 2013

Duck Dynasty: Who Will Win at Outrage Tennis?

Phil Richardson Suspended By A&E From Duck Dynasty For Homophobic Remarks In GQAfter GQ published an interview with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson in which he made bigoted comments, many on the left were outraged. Robertson's comments were condemned by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the Human Rights Campaign, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, just to name a few. The outrage quickly spread over social media. At the time, some on the right spoke out in defense of Robertson and mocked the left for their outrage; however, it seemed that many were hoping the whole thing would just fade away and people would get over it.

As the outrage on the left built and it became clear that this was becoming a major story, A&E announced that they were suspending Phil Robertson indefinitely. The outrage now shifted to the right. They took to Fox News, conservative talk radio, right-wing blogs, and the like to express support for Robertson and to condemn A&E. Some on the left spoke out in support of A&E's decision and mocked the right for their outrage and what looked like a defense of bigotry. But mostly, it seemed that the left hoped this was over and people would eventually move on.

Outrage on the right grew exponentially amidst talk of "censorship," religious freedom, and boycotts. A&E then announced that it had decided to lift their suspension of Robertson only 9 days after announcing it. And suddenly, it is the left's turn to be outraged once again. Once again, the right mocks the left for their outrage and hopes the entire situation will soon be behind us.

Is this over yet, and if not, what do you suppose will happen next in this game of outrage tennis? As for me, I don't have any more to add than what I've already written on the subject. Besides, I've never found tennis all that interesting to watch.

H/T to Republic of Gilead

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