December 29, 2013

Atheist Revolution's Most Read Posts of 2013

Here are the ten most visited posts at Atheist Revolution during 2013 based on the number of pageviews:
  1. Bible Commands Christians to Kill Nonbelievers
  2. More Internet Vigilantism as Shermer Accused of Rape
  3. Rethinking 'Happy Holidays'
  4. U.S. is Secular Nation Unless You Are a Republican
  5. Schrödinger’s Rapist
  6. Shermer Sends Cease and Desist Letter to PZ
  7. How to Promote Atheism With Almost No Effort
  8. Atheism 101: A Reading List
  9. Michael Shermer is Latest to be Demonized
  10. Idiot of the Week: Noelle Nikpour
Much as was the case in 2012, many of these were posted prior to 2013. In fact, only three of the top ten were written in 2013.

As always, thanks to you the reader for being a part of Atheist Revolution.