U.S. is a Pagan Nation

Of the various holidays recognized in the U.S., Halloween is perhaps the only one allowed to remain at least somewhat pagan. Christmas may have pagan roots, but it has been both Christianized and materialized (in the sense of the modern focus being primarily about gifts). There have been some attempts to Christianize Halloween, but they have not caught on. For the most part, the holiday remains pagan. I suspect this explains why some Christians are terrified of it.

And speaking of Christians and paganism, here we have Christian extremist, Pastor John Hagee, explaining during a recent sermon that the U.S. is "a pagan nation without shame." I thought Hagee and his associates were under the mistaken impression that the U.S. was a Christian nation. Have they decided that we are both Christian and pagan now?

Other gems from the clip include Pastor Hagee's claim that "Secular humanism is a pagan god," responsible for practically every social ill (e.g., drug abuse, rape, domestic violence) and even mental illness. Like most Christian extremist pastors, Hagee loves to remind us of sodomy and how it is "an abomination unto the lord." If only we'd be less tolerant of "teh gay," we'd live in some sort of paradise.

H/T to RightWingWatch