October 10, 2013

Attend the Florida Freethought Conference Without Leaving Your Home

If you have a spare $12 and have always wondered what a secular conference was like but have never had the opportunity to attend one, you might be interested to know that the Humanists of Florida Association is making their Florida Freethought Conference available via live stream. You can find more information about the speakers and a form with which to order the live stream here (Update: link no longer active).

The Humanists of Florida are also selling a 2014 Florida Freethought Calendar, picturing every speaker from the conference with a personal quote. Calendars are available for order here (Update: link no longer active).

I hope we will see more and more secular conferences offering live streaming like this in order to reach those living in rural areas who cannot afford to travel to attend them. If they offer interesting speakers and are able to provide the stream at low cost, like the Humanists of Florida are doing here, I imagine they will be quite popular.