September 9, 2013

Allegations of Voter Fraud Concerning the Secular Party of America

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting
English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Having previously mentioned the National Atheist Party on this blog, I felt I should let you know that allegations of voter fraud have surfaced concerning this organization, now calling themselves the Secular Party of America (Update: link no longer active). In fact, the allegations appear to center around the group's recent name change.

According to Lee Moore (A-News Reports), two individuals previously involved with the organization have come forward to report that the vote by members to approve the requested name change was manipulated. The allegations involve the use of fake email addresses to vote in favor of the name change to make sure it would pass. Moore posted what appear to be messages between the parties involved and a screenshot of what are described as fake email addresses.

I will be interested to see how the Secular Party of America responds to the allegations reported by Moore. Should you see a response from them before I do, please share a link to it in the comments section, and I will be sure to update this post to include it.

Update: It sounds like there may have already been a couple of resignations prompted by Lee's report. This has now been confirmed in a statement released by the Executive Board of the Secular Party of America. And here's a second statement from the Executive Board (Update: links no longer active).

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