August 19, 2013

Reasons for Encouragement Amidst the Infighting

Reasons for Existence
Reasons for Existence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Conflict can be quite stressful, especially prolonged conflict with few obvious solutions. It is easy to feel demoralized and question one's commitment. Some will not make it through such a conflict at all, burning out along the way. This is easy to understand. And yet, the astute observer can often find a few diamonds among the coal - reasons for hope.

In spite of everything that has been happening in the atheist, skeptic, and secular movements lately, Conservative Skeptic reminds us of some reasons to feel encouraged. Admittedly, I'm not naturally inclined to view things in such an optimistic light, but I think he's right when he says:
I’m encouraged that the secular community did not swallow the kool-aid.
I’m encouraged that those accused did not lay down and cower against those horrendous charges, but fought back.
I’m encouraged that all that has been accomplished here, is that a certain segment of the community has been discovered to be nothing more than a cult.
I sincerely hope he is right in suggesting that something of value has been learned from the latest incident.

Amidst our squabbles, some of which are quite petty, skepticism is not dead. Many people are willing and able to apply reason, critical thinking, and healthy skepticism, even when dealing with emotionally-charged issues. That is certainly reason for encouragement.

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