August 27, 2013

A Quick Reminder to the Christian Commenters

VCU Proselytizing
VCU Proselytizing (Photo credit: Gamma Man)
The last few weeks have brought a noticeable spike in the number of Christians commenting on Atheist Revolution. I suspect that the most likely explanation for this is that a blog promoting "intelligent" design linked to us awhile back.

Many of these comments have gone to moderation, and I have approved most of them. However, many are not consistent with the comment policy, especially the parts about no proselytizing or Christianspeak. These comments are unlikely to find their way onto the blog. We are not interested in hearing about how you are going to pray for us, how you think your imaginary god is "The Spirit of Truth and Rightness," or about how atheists are in danger of losing their "soul" because we do not believe in fairy tales. While we find your bizarre capitalization of random words funny for a while, it quickly becomes tiresome when repeated.

I have let more of these comments through than I probably should have because I find some of them quite funny and my atheist readers have shown remarkable restraint in ignoring them. That said, I am not inclined to continue approving comments that are not consistent with the comment policy. If there is one place atheists should be able to expect being relatively free from religious proselytizing, it is an atheist blog.

There are a number of places on the Internet set up for Christians to argue with and/or try to convert atheists. Blogs generally aren't designed for this and do not work nearly as well as debate-oriented forums. If you are a Christian and you are here primarily to argue with and convert atheists, I suspect you'd be happier elsewhere.