July 20, 2013

The Saturday Post

Saturnus, Caravaggio, 16th c.
Saturnus, Caravaggio, 16th c. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The atheist blogosphere always seems quiet on Saturdays. I suspect this is mostly due to Saturday being a day when many atheist bloggers are occupied elsewhere. It may also be due to the considerable drop in blog traffic that seems to happen every Saturday. Our audience also has other things to do. Like many others, I do not usually bother to post on Saturdays. Even if I already have something written, I rarely post it on a Saturday. With the predictable drop in traffic, posting on Saturday seems like a waste.

I have periodically considered doing something different on Saturdays (e.g., writing a weekly series about an entirely different subject). But then I stop and remember all the crap I hear (mostly from people on Facebook) every time I write about anything other than atheism. And I have to wonder why somebody interested in whatever other subject I might address would come to an atheist blog to read about it. If I was truly that interested in writing about another topic and willing to commit to doing so regularly, it seems like starting a new blog might make more sense. Having tried that previously, I am well aware I don't have sufficient time to make that work.

In the meantime, I think I will continue to do what I suspect most of you do on Saturdays and spend less time online. Much like turning off the cable news, I think that would be better for me anyway.