The South is a Christian Nation

A photograph can sometimes capture things in a way that text cannot. I think we have a suitable example here in the form of this photo taken today by @fieryskulldiary at American Atheists' dedication of the first public atheist monument outside the Bradford County courthouse in Starke, Florida. Evidently, a small number of Christian protestors showed up.

The South is a Christian nation

Aside from the obvious blunder in that "the South" is not any sort of nation at all, I think that the sign on the left perfectly captures what it is like to be an atheist in this part of the U.S. You know that Southern hospitality you hear so much about? It isn't for atheists.

There are exceptions, but a great many people here really do seem to think like this. They cannot comprehend that we are not going to let them chase us away or that we have as much right to be here as they do. This is the sort of blindness and bigotry that are part of Christian privilege.

H/T to Friendly Atheist