June 22, 2013

Atheist Hotline Seeking Volunteers

Hotline (J. Geils Band album)
Hotline (J. Geils Band album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the most valuable ways an individual atheist can promote atheism and make a real difference in his or her community involves reaching out to those who are just beginning to struggle with their faith and consider the possibility of a life without it. Many of us know firsthand how difficult this experience can be, how alone one can feel going through it, and how helpful it would have been to have some assistance from someone who understood. Now there is another way you can help those who are going through this process.

Recovering From Religion (RR) is an international organization founded in 2009 with the goal of supporting those who have been adversely impacted by religion and who are contemplating making a break from religious belief. They are setting up a toll-free 24-hour secular hotline to assist people who are questioning their faith or coping with the many problems related to walking away from religious belief. They have raised over $30,000 so far and are now seeking volunteers to staff the hotline.
The Hotline will provide trained volunteers to answer a 24-hour, toll-free hotline and provide real time, caller-specific support to each person who calls. Callers will be connected with national, regional, and local resources – a secular support network they can utilize, as they question their faith.
Those who are interested in helping can find a volunteer application on the RR website.