June 28, 2013

Alleged Rent-Boy Sex Scandal at the Vatican

If the video below is to be believed, we may be about to see another Catholic abuse scandal breaking. The allegations involve a child prostitution ring connected to the Vatican. According to VaticanCrimes.com, Patrizio Poggi, a priest himself convicted of sexual abuse, has blown the whistle on approximately 20 others who are currently being investigated by Italian authorities. The allegations include reports that Catholic clergy hired underage "rent-boys" for sex on church premises.

Since I have never heard of ChurchMilitant.tv (formerly RealCatholic TV), I did a bit of research in an attempt to assess its credibility on this story. What I learned what that it is a project of Michael Voris, an American Roman Catholic apologist. Not only is Voris a popular Catholic apologist, but he has been described as a "Catholic fundamentalist" by some and criticized by the Church for his criticism of leadership. Voris seems to be one of those rare sorts who is both an apologist and a critic at the same time. Whether this makes him more or less credible is unclear.

I should note that the sourcing on the allegations is not limited to ChurchMilitant.tv. VaticanCrimes.com has provided multiple sources which appear to confirm the allegations mentioned in the video. While most are not written in English, some have been translated or can be read with the assistance of Google Translate (see New Vatican prelates accused of pedophilia and Vatican faces 'revenge' rent-boy scandal). Thus, it appears that the information in the video is backed up by at least some print media.

It will be interesting to see if this story is picked up or simply ignored by the mainstream news media in the U.S.

Update: It sounds like Patrizio Poggi has been arrested for alleged slander, as prosecutors suspect he may have fabricated his accusations.

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