May 20, 2013

My Letter to the CFI in Support of Ron Lindsay

A number of people have taken to Twitter to call for the resignation or ouster of Ron Lindsay from the Center for Inquiry (CFI). He has even been labeled a misogynist for his remarks at Women in Secularism 2. I am concerned that he may be forced out, and so I wrote to the CFI to express my support. If you feel similarly, please consider contacting the CFI to express your support too.

Subject: In Support of Ron Lindsay

Dear Secretary Flynn and CFI Board of Directors:

I am writing to express my support for Ron Lindsay and my agreement with the comments he made at Women in Secularism 2.

The Center for Inquiry is almost certainly receiving a high volume of angry complaints about remarks made by Dr. Lindsay at Women in Secularism 2. I fear that some complainants may even be demanding his resignation or removal. I believe these complaints are based on a serious and willful misinterpretation of what Dr. Lindsay said, fueled by an ideologically-driven perspective which is at odds with CFI's core mission. Unfortunately, there are some people in the secular community who have made a name for themselves by attacking others with outrageous accusations. Dr. Lindsay mentioned a couple of them by name in a follow-up post, and so they and their supporters are now trying to remove him.

I want to make sure you are aware that there are many of us in the secular community who support Dr. Lindsay and appreciate his willingness to address some important issues regarding the use of privilege to silence others. I sincerely hope that the CFI continues to support him as he weathers this unfortunate storm. Thank you for your consideration.


Atheist Revolution (

Update: It sounds like the Center for Inquiry's Board of Directors is planning to discuss the matter of Ron Lindsay's comments at their June meeting. If you are going to contact the Board to express your support, I recommend doing it sooner than later.