May 28, 2013

Introducing Godless in Dixie

Sheet music for "Dixie"
Sheet music for "Dixie" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Godless in Dixie is an atheist blog you should be reading if you are not already doing so. It is written by a former evangelical Christian who is now an atheist and skeptic living in the Deep South.

I'd like to draw your attention to a recent post, What Has Atheism Done For Me? The author provides several examples, with which most of you will be able to relate, of how atheism has changed his life for the better. I could relate to every one of them.

He also acknowledges that there have been some costs associated with atheism. I think this is an important point that some of us have been too reluctant to address.
While this is no place to go into details, there have been some harsh social consequences for my loss of faith. If you crave the approval of people (and you live where I live), I wouldn’t recommend atheism for you.
Absolutely. As awful as this might sound, I cannot advocate open atheism for everyone. If you live in a religiously oppressive environment (e.g., the Deep South) and/or have strong needs for social approval, you may want to wait a bit before announcing your atheism to the world. In more progressive areas, there is some evidence that things are slowly starting to move in the right direction (i.e., toward increased awareness and acceptance of atheists). However, such progress has been much harder to detect in places like Mississippi and other hotbeds of Christian extremism.

I have really enjoyed what I have found at Godless in Dixie so far. This is not only because I can relate to so much of what I read there from my vantage point here in Mississippi. The writing has a certain maturity and thoughtfulness that I find refreshing.

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