May 8, 2013

I Owe Matt Dillahunty an Apology

I recently explained that I was going to repost some old content from my Posterous account that I had salvaged as they were discounting their service. Unfortunately, my first such post was a disaster, and I owe Matt Dillahunty an apology for it.

Nearly a year ago, Matt had commented on his Facebook page that he was going to block anyone who regarded the Elevatorgate incident as an overreaction. A screenshot of this comment was picked up and shared on Twitpic. I posted this screenshot and a snarky comment about litmus tests on Posterous. Again, this all happened nearly a year ago.

Because I was planning to revisit the issue of litmus tests to determine membership in the secular community in the future, I selected this old Posterous post as the first to repost here. I reposted it yesterday with a poorly-worded introduction which I thought explained that this was a repost from my now defunct Posterous account.

Based on the comments I received on this post, nearly all of which were critical, it was apparent that I had not been sufficiently clear that this was an old post or why I was bothering to repost it at all. In other words, I screwed up. What Matt pointed out was that he had changed his mind about the mass blocking soon after leaving the Facebook comment in question. Because I had not been following him then, I was unaware of this reversal. So when I reposted this old post, it had the effect of making it look like Matt was doing something he wasn't.

After hearing from Matt, I wrote an addendum to the post where I attempted to clarify this. But I'm not sure that is really adequate. Therefore, I am deleting the post because I worry that it is misleading and issuing the apology that follows to Matt.

Matt, I am sorry. I really screwed up here, and I see now how reposting an old post along these lines looked like nothing more than an attempt to stir up drama unnecessarily. While that was not my intent, I understand that it must have looked that way. My decision to post this without first attempting to learn what might have changed since the original post was a poor one, and I regret it. I have deleted the offending post, and I am clear that I should not have reposted it at all. We can and will disagree on a number of issues relevant to the secular community, but this was truly below-the-belt, and I am ashamed for having done it.