May 5, 2013

Conservative Atheists Who Enjoy Discussing Religion

The Conservative Club, Wisbech.
The Conservative Club, Wisbech. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As the secular community grows, it is reasonable to predict that individuals who are new to atheism will go online in an effort to find information and resources. Being partial to blogs myself, I am excited about the prospect of new atheist blogs emerging to cater to smaller segments of the secular community. I imagine that we will see blogs written by atheists with somewhat different perspectives to reflect the growing diversity of our community.

Cephus (Bitchspot) has an interesting post in which he wrestles with the difficulties he has encountered in writing an atheist blog from a conservative political orientation. While atheists do seem to lean left-of-center, there are certainly conservative atheists out there. What Cephus notes, however, is how few of them seem interested in atheism and the issues typically addressed on atheist blogs (e.g., religion, separation of church and state). To be sure, there are a few conservative atheist blogs. What I am not sure about is what sort of traffic they get.

Cephus is seeking an audience of conservative atheists who are interested in discussing matters of religion. Does such an audience exist? If this sounds like something of interest to you, check out Bitchspot. The poor guy has to be getting tired of liberals like me stopping by.

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