April 12, 2013

We Lost Mark Pogue

Mark PogueLong time readers will remember Mark Pogue for his excellent blog, No Godz. It was one that inspired me regularly while he was writing it. And even after he gave it up to devote more time to his family and other pursuits, Mark remained a regular and valued commenter here. He was always eager to share his insights.

I have just been informed by a friend of his that Mark died earlier this week from a heart attack. I'm still shocked by this news, as I was enjoying Mark's contributions on his Google+ account as recently as last week.

Mark was not only a fellow atheist; he was a fellow atheist coping with life in the bible belt. We always had that in common. He was also a great guy and someone I always looked forward to reading. He will definitely be missed, and I am saddened by the news of his departure.

Here is a link to Mark's obituary.

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