February 12, 2013

Introducing Teach Not Preach

Picture of downtown Red Wing, Minnesota taken ...
Picture of downtown Red Wing, Minnesota taken from Memorial Park. The Highway 63 bridge across the Mississippi River is in the middle, and Barn Bluff is to the right of the bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I received an email from a public high school teacher in Red Wing, Minnesota, with an interesting story to tell. He teaches a critical course on religion, which he describes as "extremely rare and controversial." I bet it is!

I love the idea of high school students being encouraged to think critically about something as divisive as religion. I would not think that very many communities would allow such a thing. He notes that it has not been easy and that conservatives in the community have fought it every step of the way.

He's now got a blog set up to share his experiences: Teach Not Preach. Check it out if the subject matter sounds interesting to you.

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