A Super Bowl Prediction

SF 49ers HQ tophy wall

I probably won't watch the Super Bowl this year. I do not particularly care who wins, and that always makes the game less enjoyable for me. It isn't uncommon for me to skip the game, and it rarely bothers me to do so. I have been told that I should watch the game for the commercials, but I cannot imagine why I would do that.

In any case, I do have a prediction. Actually, I have several. I predict that there will be quite a bit of prayer by players and fans of both teams. I predict that payers on whichever team wins will publicly thank some sort of god, as if supernatural assistance was truly essential to their victory. And I predict that some of the losers will console themselves by muttering about the plan of some sort of god. But of course, none of them will actually blame a god for their loss. That just would not do.

I also predict that the game will have a good audience because many people are convinced that watching it is something they are supposed to do. They will watch even if they do not particularly enjoy doing so. They'll gather with others and eat too much, drink too much, and use the game as yet another excuse to embrace the excesses of our consumer culture. After all, that is what we do here in 'Merica. We have been conditioned well.

None of this is necessarily a bad thing, and I'm not writing this to suggest that it is. I'm just reflecting on the largely unthinking nature with which many of us go about much of our lives. I'm all for informed and deliberate choice; I take issue with our inability or unwillingness to disengage the auto-pilot every now and then. I suspect if we could do that, fewer people would watch the Super Bowl and far fewer would attend church.