January 5, 2013

Twitter Tips: Scheduling Tweets With SocialOmph

Twitter Shiny IconI've been sharing blogging tips here at Atheist Revolution for some time. The more I've been using Twitter, the more valuable I have found it. For those of you who use Twitter to promote your blogs, interact with others in the vast online atheist community, or any other purpose, I thought I'd share a few tips for how to optimize your use of Twitter.

In this one, I'll show you one of the many ways you can write a tweet and have it sent out at a later time of your choosing. Why would you want to do this? Perhaps the bulk of your audience is in a different time zone. Or maybe you are trying to maximize the odds of your tweet being seen by sending it during a time of peak use when you are at work or otherwise occupied. You might even want to do this just because you want to spread out your tweets, as you know how annoying it can be when someone sends several at once.

There are many different services that will allow you to schedule tweets in advance. I will tell you about some of the others in later posts. For now, I'd like to focus on the first of these services I used extensively. It used to be called TweetLater but was rebranded as SocialOmph to reflect that it does more than just allow you to schedule tweets. There is a free version and a professional (i.e., paid) version of the service. I'll be focusing on the free version since it is the only one I have used.

Once you register and connect your Twitter account, you will get a sense of everything this service can do by exploring the dashboard. If you look under Scheduled Updates section, you'll find a link to "Add a New Scheduled Status Update." That is what we want. The free version allows you to schedule tweets for specific dates and times and shorten URLs when necessary. The paid version adds automatic scheduling and many other features.

I have used the free version of SocialOmph extensively to send scheduled tweets, and it works very well for low volume use. I used to use it almost daily to send updates of new blog posts to my Twitter followers. Because I often publish my blog posts early in the morning, it was helpful to be able to delay when they would go out on Twitter by a few hours. Since I would be at work then, it was not practical for me to send them out manually. As my needs have changed a bit, I am no longer using SocialOmph but still recommend it for those with limited needs who would like to be able to schedule tweets.

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