December 29, 2012

When We Oppose Science

Ostrich (Photo credit: LenaCorazon)
Many evangelical fundamentalist Christians are opposed to science because science provides compelling evidence that their superstitious worldview is inaccurate. Rather than modifying their worldview to bring it closer to reality, they dismiss science. As a result, we preach abstinence to our children, fight a "war on drugs" that is as ineffective as it is costly, and willingly surrender one of the most promising scientific finds in decades - the promise of stem cell research.

It may be uncomfortable to wrestle with the challenges before us. We may wish that climate change is a hoax or that limiting access to firearms would not reduce the likelihood of our children falling victim to gun violence. We may console ourselves with the ridiculous notion that it is okay for our neighbors to live in poverty because they will be rewarded in heaven. And yet, when we oppose science and cling to superstition, we retard our progress and undermine the future of our children.