December 7, 2012

I Get Email…For Someone Else

Cartoon sunI am used to getting quite a bit of email from misguided Christians, most of whom either want to threaten me with hell or attempt to convince me of the "no true Christian" fallacy (i.e., we're sorry you've had bad experiences with Christians, but they weren't real Christians). If you are active in the online atheist community, you've probably seen these as well.

I received a different sort of email recently. Evidently, this Christian is under the impression that I am Brian Flemming, director of The God Who Wasn't There. I have seen this film, and I enjoyed it very much. But I am not Brian Flemming and have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Flemming. My best guess is that this particular Christian saw an ad for the film on Atheist Revolution and decided I must be the director.

In any case, here is the email he sent to me, thinking I was Brian Flemming:

I watched your documentary on Netflix objectively and will tell you, till the end expressing your freedom of speech was ok but your denial of the Holy Spirit really painted you as a true punk.

As you deny Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit here on earth, the Son of God... I pray you have a change of heart because the molten flames of the actual Sun will be agony indeed.

God Bless,

Besides the case of mistaken identity, which makes this interesting enough, I think what I like about this one is just the idea that someone would email the director of a film they watched to threaten them with hell. First, we get the insult. Denying the "holy" spirit makes you "a true punk." And then we have the threat of "the molten flames of the actual Sun," which I can only assume is Christianspeak for hell. But I suppose I could be wrong. Maybe Michael thinks the hell his god created is the sun that makes life on our planet possible.

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