December 31, 2012

Atheist Revolution's Most Read Posts of 2012

Keyboard (Photo credit: cheetah100)
Based on the number of pageviews accrued, these were the 10 most visited posts at Atheist Revolution during 2012:
  1. Why I Am An Atheist
  2. Atheist or Agnostic? I'm Both
  3. Bible Commands Christians to Kill Nonbelievers
  4. How to Promote Atheism With Almost No Effort
  5. Atheism 101: A Reading List
  6. As Catholic Child Rape Details Emerge in Court, What Are Catholics Waiting For?
  7. Existence of Atheists Offends Christians
  8. Real Christians Do Not Have Christmas Trees
  9. Atheists, We Are Costing People Eternal Life
  10. Distinguishing Between Criticism and Attacks
It is noteworthy that only half of these were posted in 2012. Clearly, older posts can continue to drive traffic long after they were written.

Thanks to all of you for making this a great year. Here's to a lively 2013!