November 22, 2012

Helping Each Other in the Atheist Community


When we look at the atheist community, it is easy to emphasize the divisions that separate us. But it is also important to acknowledge what brings us together and to remember that community can be a great thing. In a recent post, Grundy (Deity Shmeity) noted how positive it has been to see his content being promoted by others in the community.
I’ve read a number of other sites promoting my stuff unsolicited. The unsolicited bit is what really warms my heart. All too often in the blogging world favors quid pro quo. The friends I’ve made in the atheist community care about spreading an honest assessment of reality above all personal notoriety.
He is absolutely right. As I have written previously, we all benefit by promoting each others' work. I'm not talking about formal link exchanges and that sort of thing but something as simple as tweeting or liking a post, submitting it to Reddit, or linking to it. These are among the easiest ways we can build our community and spread the atheist meme.

Atheist blogging works best when it is collaborative rather than competitive. We all benefit from having a stronger community. By lifting up one another, we model positive community, find new sources of inspiration, and amplify our reach.

I hadn't heard of Hausdorff's Bible Blog, but thanks to Grundy's mention, I'm now off to check it out. Something as simple as a quick mention from Grundy now brings Hausdorff another potential reader. Such is the power of promoting each other. I should be doing more of this. I suspect we all should be doing more of this.

Thanks, Grundy!