October 5, 2012

Vacula Resigns

It appears that the petition mentioned here was successful. Justin Vacula has resigned from his position with the Secular Coalition for America. I'm not really sure what to think about that. It sounds like Justin has acknowledged making some mistakes, and I think he's right that the forces aligned against him were not inclined toward forgiveness. Perhaps they would have even harmed the SCA's work had he stayed in the position. He may have made the right decision by stepping down.

I don't know Justin personally, but I hope he sets the record straight by addressing the allegations made against him in the petition. Given the source of the complaints, I suspect that there may be another version to this story. I've heard bits and pieces from others but not from Justin, at least not organized in one place. I think having something like that would be helpful.

I do find it worth noting that many of the same people who have loudly protested that people are trying to ruin their careers, demonize them, and the like seem to be part of the effort to do the same to Justin. Perhaps there is a lesson in here somewhere.