October 31, 2012

Disaster Relief: Sandy

sandyIn between horror movies, I've been watching the coverage of Sandy from here in Mississippi, and it certainly looks like a bad storm. Lots of people are still without power, and flooding along the coastal areas caused significant damage in many states. The northeast has such a high population density that it does not take a very powerful storm to wreak havoc there.

It occurs to me that one of the big differences between the hurricanes I have experienced here and what the residents of the northeast region are going through now involves the weather. The hurricane that have hit here have taken place in the summer months when high temperatures and humidity make it difficult to be without a air conditioning when the power goes out. Difficult, but not usually fatal. On the other hand, the colder weather associated with Sandy means that some people are in very real danger without heat.

Now that we know what caused the storm, there will be plenty of time to work on preventing the next one later. We'll need to make drastic changes to U.S. foreign policy, expel all the gays from the U.S., ban abortion, and all sorts of other measures to appease the "god" in which Christians claim to believe. But for now, efforts must focus on restoring power and finding safe shelter for those displaced by flood waters.

For those who prefer a more reality-based approach, donations to the Red Cross can be made here.

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