Why Did Your Comment Go to Moderation?

Comment moderationIf you comment on blogs, you're generally familiar with comment moderation. Chances are you've left a comment on at least one blog that did not appear immediately. In fact, it may have taken a day or two to appear. This is what comment moderation looks like from your end. Some bloggers have comment moderation turned on all the time; others do not use it at all.

From my time using the Intense Debate comment system on multiple blogs, I can say with some confidence that if you left a comment on Atheist Revolution that went to moderation (i.e., did not appear immediately), one of three things is happening:
  1. You've encountered a random Intense Debate glitch, an unfortunately common occurrence.
  2. Your comment contained more than 3 URLs or certain keywords that cause Intense Debate to think your comment was spam.
  3. You have been manually added to my selective moderation queue based on violations of the comment policy. This is extremely rare. In fact, it has been several months since I used this.
Since #3 is the only one I have control over and it is almost never the problem, all I can do if your comment gets kicked into moderation is ask you to be patient. It probably wasn't anything you did wrong, and it probably isn't anything I am doing. I make it a point to check the moderation queue at least once/day. Leaving a flood of subsequent comments in which you call me names and accuse me of censorship because your comment did not appear immediately just makes you look like a tool.