September 20, 2012

S. E. Cupp: Conservative Atheist

S. E. CuppS. E. Cupp's name came up in response to a post I wrote asking for suggestions of conservative atheist blogs. I'm not particularly familiar with Cupp. She hosts a show on MSNBC I've never seen. It would be fair to say that all I really know of her is what I've read on other atheist blogs and a few articles she's written. I understand that she is a Republican who identifies as an atheist, and from what I've been able to gather, this has brought her quite a bit of attention.

I have seen the phrase "self-loathing atheist" attached to Cupp so many times that hearing her name immediately conjures up this phrase in my mind. Is this a fair description of her?

Hemant Mehta (Friendly Atheist) recently shared some of the statements she's made on the air that have been interpreted as supporting such a label. I'm not sure any of these are sufficient to conclude that Cupp dislikes herself or other atheists (except for those she considers "militant"), although they certainly do not help her credibility in the atheist community. Still, I have heard other atheists say that they envy those with faith and that they think "militant" atheists do far more harm than good. I do not agree with them in the slightest, but I've never found myself thinking that they were self-loathing.

When Cupp condemns the Secular Coalition for America's presidential scorecard or says that she'd never vote for an atheist president, I think she's wrong. Indeed, I have a difficult time understanding how any atheist could think this way. Then again, I've recently been surprised by what some atheists think.

If Cupp is a conservative Republican, I'm unlikely to agree with her politics. But I don't know enough about her to dismiss her as an atheist.

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