September 15, 2012

Romney's Plan: God and Pat Robertson

RomneyPatI have been wondering when the Romney campaign was going to reveal their candidate's plan to fix the U.S. economy. I mean, I assumed there had to be more to it that repealing the Affordable Care Act, raising taxes on the middle-class, and cutting the tax rate paid by the wealthiest Americans. It looks like a new part of the plan has finally been rolled out: to fix the problems the U.S. is experiencing, we just need to stop pushing some sort of god out of the public square.

And for anyone who questions the sincerity of Romney's sudden need to talk about gods as much as possible…its Pat Robertson! That's right, Romney has been taking the notorious Christian extremist with him on the campaign trail. I guess it might be handy to have someone around to advise Romney about which disasters are being sent because of gays, abortion, pacts with Satan, and whatever else is stuck in Pat's craw.

Repeatedly asked for details (and his tax returns), Mittens has not been inclined to provide either. And while he's not especially interested in reminding the electorate that he's a Mormon, he's all too eager to involve a generic god and stoke fear of some sort of conspiracy to banish it from the public square. It sounds like Romney is still no friend to church-state separation.