September 22, 2012

Jesus' Wife

US Scholar Jesus WifeThe corporate media in the U.S. is buzzing with the story of a small papyrus fragment which mentions Jesus referring to "my wife." Nothing gets their juices flowing quite like a Jesus story.

My reaction? Meh. Wake me up when they find contemporaneous evidence showing that this alleged Jesus person actually lived and that the Christian bible provides an accurate depiction of his life. Better yet, wake me up when someone can provide evidence of this alleged resurrection, sufficient to render faith wholly unnecessary. Now that would be interesting!

But seriously, the possibility of Jesus existing and being married is at least mildly entertaining because it seems like it would push some Christians to think about their "savior" quite differently. I mean, wouldn't Jesus being married call the whole Catholic priest celibacy thing into question just a bit? Maybe this finding could prove to be great news for all the young boys entrusted to Catholic clergy.

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