August 4, 2012

Why Do Some Talk of Freethought Bullies?

BulliesI can be too damn long-winded at times. Sometimes things are much simpler than I realize, and other times it seems like I am determined to make them unnecessarily complex. One of my many weaknesses I suppose.

I keep getting requests to explain what the whole "freethought bullies" meme is all about in the briefest possible way, and I keep failing at it. Here's yet another attempt at being concise:
A few prominent bloggers seem to have trouble distinguishing between actual misogynists and non-misogynists whose only offense is that they disagree with these bloggers in some way. By responding to these two groups in much the same way, many of those who have not made rape jokes, threatened violence, or resorted to personal insults feel like they've been bullied.
I hope that is clearer than my previous efforts. I'm not sure I can make it any shorter than that.

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