August 20, 2012

Results of Reader Poll to Gauge Interest in a Forum

pollI had a poll up here recently asking whether readers would use an Atheist Revolution forum. Before I took the time to look into what would be involved in setting up such a forum, I thought it made sense to ask whether you thought you might use it.

I admit to being somewhat ambivalent about the idea. I think it would be cool to have an active forum where readers could interact on topics of interest. It could be fun, and it would certainly give me some great ideas for posts. On the other hand, it seems like there are already so many atheist forums and social networks that promoting a new one seems futile.

From the 98 people who responded to the poll, the results looked like this:
  • Yes (42)
  • No (25)
  • Not sure (31)

Since a majority indicated some interest, I will look into what is involved in setting up a forum. I know absolutely nothing about this, so I cannot promise anything more than that I will investigate what is involved. It it seems feasible, I see little harm in giving it a try.

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