August 11, 2012

Mocking Commenters at One Freethought Blog

When we were talking about whether a blogger was responsible for comments left by others, one of the points many of you raised was that even if a blogger is not responsible for the content of every comment, he or she does have some responsibility for the overall tone of the blog, a tone which will be reflected in the comments. I agree with those who raised this point.

A few minutes ago, I came across an example of how a blogger can set the sort of tone most of us would prefer not to see. And since she previously criticized me for being too general (a fair criticism of this post), I'm sure she will not mind being used as such an example.

After someone left a comment defining freethought, here's what Ophelia Benson (Butterflies & Wheels) had to say:


What sort of tone do you suppose this sets?