August 17, 2012

Introducing Skeptic Blogs

SblogoI am happy to welcome a new blog network to the atheist community: Skeptic Blogs. The Skeptic Blogs network is the brainchild of noted author John Loftus (Debunking Christianity) and aims to offer something different from what is found at other blog networks or team blogs.

According to their mission statement:
We seek to collectively provide a positive set of voices on behalf of science, reason, and skepticism. We take aim at critically examining the basis of religious faiths, their holy books, claims of miracles, and of the paranormal, without neglecting the adverse cultural impact they have on us. We will do so from a diverse set of perspectives and disciplines of learning.
That sounds good; however, the primary way in which Skeptic Blogs plans to differentiate itself from other blog networks is found here:
While it is fashionable in some corners of the internet for atheists to crassly denigrate people, that is not acceptable here (although, sometimes we can only tolerate the tolerable). We will focus on the arguments themselves. No position worth defending requires the sacrifice of respect or manners.
That does sound like a nice departure from some of the other networks out there, doesn't it? I hope John and the bloggers he has recruited are wildly successful.

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