August 26, 2012

Here Comes Isaac

A092352W5 NL smt the time I'm writing this, Tropical Storm Isaac is nearing the Florida Keys and on a trajectory expected to take it into the Gulf of Mexico sometime Monday. Based on the forecast models I'm seeing, it looks like Isaac is predicted to strengthen to hurricane force before making landfall along the Gulf Coast. It also appears that it has Mississippi and Alabama in its sights.

I am hoping Isaac will not prove the be the threat it is predicted to be, but I think I'm reasonably well prepared. I need to put gas in the car and make sure I have enough cash on hand, but that should be it. I try to maintain my preparedness throughout the year by stocking up on supplies before I'll need them.

I have to admit being somewhat puzzled that my Christian neighbors are also stocking up on supplies. Why would they need to take emergency preparedness seriously? Wouldn't praying to their "god" be sufficient? It is almost as if they don't really believe what they claim to believe.

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