Don't Leave Your Child Alone in a Hot Car

Never Leave AloneReasonable people can disagree about whether anti-harassment policies would be effective in reducing the occurrence of harassment at atheist events. I believe that having an effective anti-harassment policy could help, but I recognize that some are skeptical. What I have a harder time understanding is the position of those who claim that these policies are unnecessary because we are all adults and all know better.

I had the TV on while eating lunch today, and I saw a public service announcement on a local station here in Mississippi reminding parents not to leave their young children unattended in vehicles on hot days. I know many pets die each year because of this, but I guess it didn't occur to me that this was happening with children too. I suppose I figured that parents would have enough sense not to leave a young child unattended in a vehicle no matter what the temperature was like. Seems like one of those things that people should already know, doesn't it?

Anti-harassment policies seem kind of like this. I wish those arguing that they are not necessary were right. I wish people really did know better. But if we need to remind parents not to leave their children unattended in vehicles during a Mississippi summer, I'm not sure we can assume everybody does know better.