August 12, 2012

Blogroll 3.0

Time for a blogroll update. You'll see several new faces and some old friends. Since I read a combination of blogs that are mostly focused on atheism and those that may have a different focus but still address atheist-relevant content regularly, I thought it might be helpful to try some categories.

I should also note that this is a list of blogs I read regularly that I think you may find interesting. It is not intended to be a comprehensive of every blog I read, for that would go on for pages.

Blogs Focusing Mostly on Atheism, Religion, and Closely Related Topics

About Agnosticism/Atheism
An Apostate's Chapel
Cubik's Rube
Deity Shmeity
Deep Thoughts
Exercise in Futility
Friendly Atheist
Godless Girl
Hausdorff's Bible Blog
Laughing in Purgatory
The Lucky Atheist
My Secret Atheist Blog
No Forbidden Questions
One Furious Llama
The Ramblings of Sheldon
Reason Being
Skeptically Left
Spanish Inquisitor
Teach Not Preach 
Towards a Rational America and an Enlightened Judaism

Political Blogs That Regularly Address Religion and Church-State Issues

Library Grape

Assorted Blogs That Address Atheism Along With Many Other Subjects

…and now for something completely different
The Francis Blog

Other Blogs I Write

Mississippi Atheists

If you believe I've put you in the wrong category, please let me know.

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