July 8, 2012

Taking a Shower Makes You Dry

showerI receive quite a bit of email from Christians. I don't share most of it here because it tends to get a bit monotonous after awhile. But sometimes I find that one tickles my fancy enough that I cannot resist sharing it. Here's a recent one from "yerstin," who was persistent enough to try to leave it in a comment in addition to emailing me. As you'll see, it is an extremely important message for all of us.

As usual, I have not edited the message at all. Based on the nature of the Christian email I receive, I am of the opinion that the spelling errors, lack of appropriate capitalization, and odd punctuation are essential parts of the message:
(for all athiest) jesus says the last is first and the first is last this sign tom me means everything is ironic for balance for example the sun makes you dark so light makes you dark, working out makes you weak afterwards, when you lose one of your senses the others become stronger for balance, in places with high altitudes theres days with more sunlight and theres also days with ,ore darkness for balance young people do alot of drugs wich makes you old, taking a shower makes you dry so geting wet makes you dry so repent now and get baptized now! please share
In my book, that's a keeper.

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