July 31, 2012

No Gods at the London 2012 Olympics

London olympicsI have not watched as much of the London 2012 Olympics as I was hoping for, due to my schedule and my disgust with how it has been presented to U.S. audiences by NBC. But I want to briefly mention one thing I have been pleased not to see: U.S. athletes publicly praying, talking about their "god," pointing at the sky, and the like. I know it may have happened and I just missed it, but I'm really hoping this isn't the case. The fact that I haven't seen this behavior so far has been a nice contrast from pro sports, as well as some college sports.

Similarly, while the behavior of NBC's on air "talent" has been embarrassing in other ways, the generally seem to get this right. When an Olympic athlete has a great performance, everyone talks of talent, hard work, unwavering commitment, and skilled trainers. While they may talk about "spirit" too much for my taste, they don't talk of gods. And this is how it should be.

I sincerely hope that all the sportscasters and other members of the sports media who will be tasked with covering the New York Jets (i.e., the team for which Tim Tebow now plays) in the fall are watching the Olympics and noticing the same thing. Constantly invoking gods cheapens the contributions of everyone involved.