July 17, 2012

Christian Extremists Would Love to Ban Islam

MosqueThe notion that Christians are victims of widespread persecution seems to occupy a central position in the worldview of many Christians. This appears to be especially true for Christian extremists. We are always hearing about how there is a "war on Christianity" and about how the evil secularists are trying to ban their ridiculous bible. Considering the emotional intensity of their claims, combined with the absence of evidence to support them, one cannot help but wonder if this is a case of projection. That is, these Christians are projecting their desire to take away others' religious freedom onto the secular community.

In support of this theory, some Christian extremists have managed to convince themselves that Islam is not actually a religion. According to Think Progress, Dutch politician Geert Wilders characterized Islam not as a religion but as a "totalitarian ideology" while speaking at a Christian university in Colorado. He called for an end to multiculturalism, no more immigration from Muslim nations, and a ban on the construction of mosques.

If one starts with the premise that Islam is evil and that only Christianity is valid, the claim that Islam is not a religion becomes understandable. In the U.S., religious freedom is protected. But if Christian extremists can convince themselves that Islam is not a religion, perhaps they can do what they really want to do and ban it. It sounds like Wilders has found some Colorado conservatives who agree with him, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are others on the Christian right who would do so.

I'm no fan of Islam; I recognize it to be as false and dangerous as Christianity. But that is not going to stop me from recognizing what these Christian extremists are doing for what it is. They are attempting to do to Muslims exactly what they accuse the secular community of trying to do to them. They would like nothing better than to ban Islam.

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